FMBC: 1st Workshop on Formal Methods for Blockchain

Our proposal for FMBC got accepted at FM 2019.

With this newly proposed workshop, we want to discuss and identify possibilities and limitations of Formal Methods to provide a more rigorous approach to Blockchain. We invite authors to submit papers related to the use of FMs techniques and tools for blockchain technology.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Formal models of blockchain applications or concepts
  • Formal methods for consensus protocols
  • Formal methods for blockchain-specific cryptographic primitives or protocols
  • Formal languages for Smart Contracts
  • Verification of Smart Contracts

We look forward to your contribution!

New Website

Hi, this is my new website:

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  • On page FACTum you can find more details about my approach for the axiomatic specification of dynamic architectures as well as its implementation in Eclipse/EMF.