I’m always looking for students interested in Modeling of Software Architectures, Formal Methods, and related topics. Some ideas of projects I would like to supervise are available at the ELE page.

Theses I am currently supervising

  • Silvio Degenhardt. Towards a Denotational Semantics for Solidity. Master Thesis.

Theses I supervised so far


  • Drilon Blakqori. Modelling and Verification of Smart Contracts.
  • Genc Blakqori. Towards an Architecture Proof Modelling Language.
  • Dominik Spies. Formal Characterization and Development of Optimal Testsuites from Requirement Models. Master Thesis.
  • Pavlos Tzianos. Hermes: An Open and Transparent Marketplace for IoT Sensor Data over Distributed Ledgers. Master Thesis.
  • Irakly Tchedia. Runtime Verification of Dynamic Architectures.
  • Keshav Kumar. Runtime Verification for Architectures.
  • Andreea Julia Mihis. Design and Analysis of Patterns for Blockchain Architectures.
  • Parisa Elahidoost. Understanding Architecturally Significant Requirements and its implication on Practitioners‘ Design Decisions.
  • Habtom Kahsay Gidey. Conceptualization and Development of a Future-Proof Architecture in the Context of Business Information Systems.
  • Katrin Kehrbusch. Towards Formal Modelling of Service-oriented Architectures.
  • Dana Roxana Juratoni. Architectural Styles and Patterns for Batch Processing.
  • Atanasko Atanasov. Extraktion von Kreuzungsparametern durch die Auswertung von Daten aus Fahrzeugflotten.


  • Alexander Collins. Model Checking Eclipse/EMF Specifications of Dynamic Architectures.
  • Phi Long Trinh. A Graphical Modeling Language for Dynamic Architectures.
  • Leo Eichhorn. Simulation-Based analysis of Blockchain Architectures.
  • Silvio Degenhardt. Model Checking Software Design Patterns.

Guided Research

  • Silvio Degenhardt. Architectural Strategies to Address Quality Requirements.
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