2021/22 T1: Computer Languages and Representations (ECMM462)

In this module you will be introduced to some approaches to computation that are in various ways radically different from the imperative and object-oriented approaches you will be familiar with from working with languages such as Python and Java. We will introduce you to two distinct programming language paradigms: Functional Programming (represented by the language Haskell) and Logic Programming (represented by Prolog). You will learn the principles of programming in these styles, and by the end of the module should be able to write simple programs in those languages. In addition, you will also be introduced to the theoretical study of computation, via the theory of formal languages and automata.

Module Page: https://vle.exeter.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=10428

2021/22 T1: Fundamentals of Security (ECMM462)

Our modern life depends on the security of computerised systems ranging from social aspects (e.g. phishing) to technical and mathematical aspects (e.g.
access control, encryption). This module teaches the fundamental concepts related to security (e.g. cyber security, data security, information security, computer security). You will learn core security concepts (e.g. authenticity, confidentiality, anonymity, privacy) and core technologies (e.g. encryption, authentication, authorisation). Moreover, you will learn the basic attacks on security systems and approaches to formally verify the correctness of security techniques.

Module Page: https://vle.exeter.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=9204


2019/20 T2, 2020/21 T2: Web Development (ECM1417)

The web is an ubiquitous part of modern-day life and a web presence is vital for almost every individual and business. This module will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of web development such as the architecture of the web and patterns for the development of secure and robust web applications. In addition, you will learn concrete techniques implementing these concepts such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, XML and Web Services.

Module Page: http://udb2.emps.ex.ac.uk/api/index.php/databases/teaching/modules/modulecode/ECM1417/pdffile?year=2019

Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems

I was involved in the development of a Massive Open Online Course on . The complete course will be available soon. Here you can find a demo version of the course containing some of the lectures (in German). Under „Module 1: System Architect“, you can find my lecture on formal analysis techniques for system architectures.

In addition, I was involved in the following teaching activities:

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