Paper accepted @ FM 2019 – APML: An Architecture Proof Modeling Language

In this paper, accepted for presentation at the 23rd International Symposium on Formal Methods, we introduce APML, a sound and complete language to sketch proofs for composition of FACTum contracts in a notation similar to Message Sequence Charts. Moreover, we provide an algorithm to generate Isabelle/Isar proofs out of an APML sketch.

The language is implemented in FACTum Studio which supports the user in the development of correct APML proofs. In addition we also implemented the algorithm in FACTum Studio which allows a user to generate Isabelle/Isar proofs out of an APML sketch.

Interactive Verification of Architectural Design Patterns in FACTum

My article on interactive verification of architectural design patterns in FACTum got accepted for Formal Aspects of Computing. It descibes the fundamentals of FACTum and a semantic preserving algorithm to map a FACTum specification to a locale for the interactive theorem prover Isabelle.